Victory is My Destiny!

Once again I had the opportunity to attend the annual amateur boxing competition at John Paul II which is sponsored by the great folks at the Lincoln Center in Tallahassee. This year’s event was very well attended and featured 18 three round bouts! Athletes came representing various boxing clubs from around Florida were in attendance to include several from the Lincoln Center in Tallahassee and a couple from the Shiny Head Boxing Gym in Gadsden, County! This event is always well organized and supported by officials from USA Boxing as well as medical personnel. This year’s event did not disappoint!

The event began with the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem. The Tallahassee Police Department’s Honor Guard presented the Colors.
The athletes competed for very nice belts and trophies!

More hardware!
Ten and twelve ounce gloves are closely monitored and assigned by an official with USA Boxing.

This event was sanctioned by USA Boxing.
This athlete has his hands taped prior to a bout.

The crew from the Lincoln Center does an outstanding job sponsoring the event!
Great people sponsoring a great event!
This was a great family event and everyone had a good time!

Members of the Tallahassee Police Department were in attendance. TPD has always been very supportive of this event!

Jaden Jarvis representing the Shine Head Boxing Gym out of Gadsden County, Florida.
This young athlete receives instruction from his coach between rounds.
Lincoln Center Coach Tyreese Williams hydrates one of his athletes as they wait for the decision!


Retired Professional Boxer Shinny Burns sits ringside as he coaches one of his athletes during a bout!

USA Boxing Officials closely monitored the competition!
The competition was fierce!
Coach Williams instructs his athlete between rounds.

Getting Ready!




Getting Ready!

The talk…

Coach Williams congratulates this young athlete after a bout!
Upper Cut!
Mike keeps a close eye on the action as he judges the fight!

All athletes are examined by Dr. VanSickle after competition! Safety is paramount during the event!
Keep ‘yer hands up!
“The look”

Although they are competitors they display a high respect for each other!

The Winner!
Always on the move!

This event always provides great entertainment, discipline, intense competition and sportsmanship! These young athletes are learning lessons that will carry them thru life. Much appreciation to these coaches who selflessly devote their time and expertise to build these young men. And many thanks to the great folks at the Lincoln Center who once again put on a great show! Looking forward to next year!