A Mystic Fourth!

The American Flags once again adorn the perimeter of beautiful Lake Mystic!

It is hard to believe that we are once again celebrating the Fourth of July at Lake Mystic! It was just a few short months ago that we were celebrating it last year and here we are again!

It is also hard to believe that 246 years ago, the fathers of this great country declared their independence from the tyranny of King George III and pledged their lives to create this wonderful country that we are so blessed to live in. Needless to say, these are scary times we are living in today and I think we can all look around us and be grateful for the blessings bestowed upon us to include celebrating our independence around a beautiful spring fed lake.

Your flag team has been hard at work preparing and hanging the flags around the lake. This year your team hung 51 flags! This tradition was started years ago by Mr. Billy Rankin whose roots run deep in the sandy Liberty County soil. Billy has since moved from the lake but still has ties to the area and if you are lucky, you may see him around from time to time. If you do, please thank him for creating the annual flag decor around the lake. It adds a lot and demonstrates the patriotic spirit shared by residents and visitors of the lake.

Weather has certainly been a factor leading up to this year’s Fourth. Although the lake was busy, it did not seem as busy as in year’s past. No doubt several factors probably played into this to include the weather and the economy. Regardless, those who made it out enjoyed a wonderful fireworks show. Thanks to those of you who made it happen, this was one of the best!

Several new neighbors have taken up residence around the lake!
Fireworks explode over the lake!

Liberty County residents demonstrated their patriotism this year!

These crosses in nearby Blountstown remind us of those who gave everything they had for our freedom. To them we are forever grateful.

Although the water level is still high, the residents and visitors enjoyed a great afternoon before the evening festivities!

The Sea Serpent glides across the lake!

Making laps!

Riding High!

Wave Runner!

The boat parade was scheduled to begin at 7, however the weather played a factor in this year’s parade and between showers and lightning, it finally started around 730 for a few brave souls who decided that the show must go on!

And the boat parade begins!

The parade passes by!
The Flagship!
God Bless America!
Red White and Blue!

Jet Ski Division!

Scooter watches the boat parade!

And as the sun began to set, the skies cleared and the rain stopped. The temperature was cool and it was a perfect evening for a July 4th Fireworks show on the lake!

Families prepared their fireworks prior to the 930pm start!

And as dark approached, the crowds gathered to watch what was sure to be a great night of celebratory July 4th fireworks! They would not be disappointed!

And so it begins!

Fireworks are launched from around the lake!


Fireworks are launched from around the lake!
On and on….

So many!


Three Suns!




Night Sky!

Lion Fish!

Smoke on the Water!

Red Sky!


The Cove!

What an incredible weekend! Many thanks to those of you who made this possible. You are making memories for the young people who will always remember spending the Fourth of July at Lake Mystic! It was a tremendous event and leaves us looking forward to next year’s celebration! Never forget the reason we celebrate and for those who gave their lives in defense of the freedoms that we enjoy. To those we owe our sincere gratitude.

Lake Mystic is calm as the sun rises on July 5th.

May God continue to Bless America!