Friday Night Lights…Leon vs Munroe

Friday night I was invited to take some photos of a high school football game at Leon High School. It was a great opportunity that I really enjoyed! I have not covered a football game recently so I embraced the challenge and done my best. What follows are photos taken during the first half of the game.

The Leon High School Honor Guard presented the colors. The Marching Redcoat Band did an incredible job playing the National Anthem! Great job by this group but I ain’t gonna lie, I was highly disappointed in the number of fans who sat on their tails during the presentation of colors and the Anthem. Your actions (or lack of) spoke volumes.

The mighty Lions prepare to take the field!

The Lions stumble as they take the field…unfortunately they stumbled during the second half as well.
Leon’s quarterback scrambles out of the backfield under heavy defensive pressure!

Munroe Bobcat ballcarrier rushes behind the blocking of #58 against the Lions!

The Munroe defense realizes there is no penetrating this Lion line!

Leon’s #32 races up field!

Long time Assistant Coach Clay Fallis watches the Munroe Bobcats play the Leon Lions!

Bobcat ball carrier is brought down by a Lion defender!

Munroe Bobcat ball carrier is surrounded by Leon defenders!

Munroe Bobcat Assistant Coach Joey Fallis watches the action from the sideline.

The Lions Line!

Thats a wrap!


The Munroe Coaching Staff discusses strategy during halftime.
Catching a breather!
Brought down by a Pride of Lions!

Offense turns defense!

Lined up!


The Snap!

It was great covering the Leon vs Munroe football game! The game brought out a large crowd in spite of it being the Friday night just before Labor day! The new field was impressive but the old soil held the blood and sweat of many years of practice where boys developed into men. Hopefully the new turf will absorb the same drops of transition. The dedication and teamwork are still there, only time will tell. Kudos to both teams who played their hearts out but tonight Munroe won the game!