A Trip to Lionshead!

This steel sculpture of a lion welcomes visitors to Lionshead

We were recently blessed to enjoy a week snow skiing in Vail Colorado. Although there are 3 primary ways to get on or off the mountain we chose to use a community called “Lionshead” to access the mountain. Like most Colorado towns Vail sports a interesting history as to how it came to be. Originally occupied by Ute Indians they were driven out in the 1800’s by white settlers heading west in search of gold and other minerals discovered in the west. Vail Valley then became a sheep ranch which thrived until Vail became a training venue for the 10th Mountain Division of the US Army during WWII. A handful of soldiers who trained there came back after the war and created the ski resort. Being avid skiers the Soldiers had a vision of turning Vail into a ski destination. What those soldiers envisioned has transpired into a world renowned ski destination, a billion dollar industry headquartered in Vail. If only those warriors could see it now….

Below are some photos taken during our visit. This place is incredible, these photos do not begin to describe the vastness and the beauty of this place.

The skiing in Vail is vast and is second to none.
Along with world class skiing Lionshead Village offers incredible accommodations for visitors. This is a covered bridge over an ice skating rink in Lionshead Village.
The mid morning view from the top of Lost Boy Run
Old skis are recycled into Adirondack chairs throughout the village.
Steel arches above this street are adorned with Christmas decorations.
There is no snow on the sidewalks because the sidewalks are HEATED! (No kidding!)
Where the clouds meet the mountain.
High end apartments above the shops.
Its a long way from a sheep ranch.
Boarders hitch their steeds to this hitching post while in town.
Snow falls nearly everyday in the high country.
Cross the boundary lines and you may not be found until spring!
Knock the snow off the firewood before bringing it in!
Not everyday is sunny and warm!
Umbrellas are put down as another day ends in the village.
Skiers head to dinner after a day on the slopes!
Skis are racked after a long day on the mountain.
The beginning of a new day!
Top of Game Creek Bowl
Balconies overlooking Lionshead Village
Snowy mountain morning!
A very unique place.
The archway at Lionshead.
Cobalt skies!
Another beautiful mountain morning!
The covered bridge adorned with Christmas lights.
Flags welcome visitors at this hotel.
Cold water runs thru Gore Creek.
This snowy statue honors the ski racers who have raced at Vail.
Shadows grow long late in the day.
This Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep is the only sheep left in a valley which was once a thriving sheep ranch!

We were blessed to have had the opportunity to spend a wonderful week skiing in Vail, Colorado. To have seen and skied it there is no question why this is the premier ski destination that it has become. Just as enjoyable as the skiing is the history of this valley and the beautiful mountains that surround it. The vision of a handful of Soldiers that liked to ski and who were training there with the 10th Mountain Division became a reality when they returned from the war (one very seriously injured) and pursued their dream. If only they could see it today!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and use this information to plan a trip to this incredible place! I hope it inspires you to get out and enjoy this beautiful world and like the Soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division to pursue your own dreams!

The photos in the blog were taken with a GoPro Hero 8 Black camera. (Copyright2022/BlackwaterImages.com).