Cascades Park New Year’s Eve Celebration!

New Year’s fireworks at Cascades Park!

After watching the first half of the Georgia vs Michigan football game, I got up off the couch and grabbed my gear and headed off to Cascades Park in downtown Tallahassee in an effort to create a few New Years Eve fireworks photos. Rain was still falling as I drove to the park as I had told myself I wouldn’t stand in the rain nor would I stand in a group of people. Earlier in the day I had scoped out what I had thought would be a good vantage point to take photos while we were riding thru the park in the early morning hours heading down to Wakulla County.

The fireworks show did not disappoint!

Fortunately the rain let up and I parked at the pool parking lot at Myers Park and walked into the park. The crowd was not bad but the event was well attended.

People who attended were treated to a great show!

I had an idea of where the fireworks would be launched and where the crowd gathered around the amphitheater would best see them.

The show was short but sweet!

I chose a hillside next to a railroad trestle as my best vantage point. Having never photographed fireworks at this park before it was only a guess as to where they would be launched for the best view for the crowd!

It was a great fireworks show!

I set up a tripod and affixed the camera to it. Fireworks have always been challenging for me but with a 2sec exposure setting I hoped for the best!

I set up in a spot to capture the Tallahassee skyline.

Soon the show began with a “bang!” It was a fast and furious show with little downtime between launches!

The Florida State Capitol can be seen to the left.

The crowd was really into it and seemed to enjoy the show!

The show was well choreographed!

There were a lot of kids in the crowd who like me enjoyed it!

The show was exceptional!
Fortunately the humidity did not affect the show!

As with a lot of fireworks shows the smoke lingers in the air and effects the quality of the show. Although it was a hot and humid night the smoke quickly dissipated and was not a factor!

Spectacular show!
The colors were great!
Palm Trees!
Awesome show!
The Grand Finale!

Kudos to those who sponsored and put on this wonderful show! Those who attended did not leave disappointed! After the show I packed up and walked back to the truck and headed home early enough to watch the end of the Georgia Bulldogs victory over the Michigan Wolverines.

So ends a really crazy year. Although I could complain about things I won’t. The year was good to me and I am very thankful God has seen me thru it and out the other side. Looking forward to a fresh beginning in 2022.

May God Bless you and your family!