Bustin’ Coveys!

Bobwhite Quail

We were recently blessed to have been given the opportunity to travel to Coolidge, Georgia in pursuit of the wily Bobwhite Quail. The Plantation that we visited was Boggy Pond which is renowned for it’s southern hospitality and world class wing shooting!

Welcome to Boggy Pond!

The Plantation is an established hunting venue that has developed a reputation as being a highly sought after wing shooting plantation visited repeatedly by those who enjoy the challenge of a first class shoot!

The Plantation is headquartered on the banks of Boggy Pond and sports several guest houses that have been moved to this location and refurbished. The houses are very comfortable and afford visitors a clean and comfortable place to stay, numerous bed and bathrooms along with central air and heating.

Beautiful Boggy Pond
Guest House
Guest House
Interior hallway in a six bedroom four bath guest house.

The guest houses and the dining room are very well furnished but one of the most impressive additions to these buildings is the artwork that hangs on the walls. Paintings and photos of dogs and upland gamebirds adorn the walls and instill excitement for guests looking forward to a day in the field!

This painting entitled “future champions” hangs in a guest bedroom.
Painting in the guest lounge.

Comfortable accommodations and world class wing shooting aren’t the only attractions at Boggy Pond. Guests are treated to incredible old style southern dining at Boggy Pond. The dining hall is located near the cabins and the pond. The food is prepared by a team of ladies who are masters and cooking good southern food! Fried Chicken, fried quail, cubed steaks, fried pork chops, biscuits, lima beans, corn, potatoes and gravy are just a few of the delicacies that are served here. The food is like your grandma use to make and most folks haven’t eaten like this in a long time!

The dining hall at Boggy Pond.
The dining room at Boggy Pond.
This painting above the fireplace honors quail hunters and dogs of times long ago.
The fireplace in the dining room keeps hungry guests warm.
After a hearty breakfast hunters travel to the planted pines where the hunt will begin.
Dogs are loaded for a morning of outstanding quail hunting. The amazing ability of these bird dogs is no doubt the most interesting part of the hunt. These dogs are incredible!
Shotguns are ready for the morning hunt. A large quantity of shells is a must because the shooting will be fast and plentiful.
Plenty of shells is a must! A 28 gauge shotgun is perfect for this type of hunting.
Hunt Guide Josh prepares Collins for the morning hunt. Josh has been guiding since he was 15 years old and has a kennel of 70 bird dogs. During the off-season he farms 900 acres of South Georgia Peanuts. He knows his stuff!
It isn’t long before Train has pointed a covey in this clump of Palmetto bushes. Otter waits for Josh to tell him to flush the birds before he moves in.
Train has located a covey of quail and has locked in on them. Train smells the dust which comes off the quail’s wings and pinpoints the birds. It is amazing to watch him work.
Otter wades out into flooded timber to retrieve a quail.
Train, Otter and Collins work together as a team to locate and flush the birds (upper right). Its now up to the hunter’s to do their job which is easier said than done!
Train has located a single and Otter and Collins have flushed him (upper left).
Train has located another covey in the Palmettos.
Train on point while Collins waits for the command to flush. Incredible teamwork gets the job done!

Collins proudly retrieves a bird!
Train (right) watches as Collins flushes a covey of quail. Six quail can be seen in this photo heading to safer ground!
Keep ’em loaded!

Train proudly retrieves a Chucker.
Collins, Otter, and Train team up to flush this Chucker!
Josh watches Collins and Otter as they try to locate a quail which has landed on the hood of the buggy!
Collins brings in another bird.
Train shakes his head after the morning hunt!

Collins looks out of the crate hoping to hunt some more!
It was a great morning hunt!

Lunch at Boggy Pond doesn’t disappoint! Pork Chops, Creamed Corn, Lima Beans, Biscuits and Sweet Tea round out the menu!

Boggy Pond is an incredible venue for outstanding wing shooting and southern hospitality. The accommodations are first class, birds are plentiful and the food is over the top! The dogs are very well trained and love to work. To watch these dogs hunt is very impressive. Their noses are amazing, the dogs along with their Handler Josh work together as a team to locate, flush and retrieve the birds. Not only did we shoot quail but we shot several Chuckers which are larger than quail and just as good to eat! We were blessed to have had this opportunity and look forward to another hunting adventure at Boggy Pond!